Pre-Order, Belonging in Juicy, AM Loves Hue

Pre-Order, Belonging in Juicy, AM Loves Hue

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Shipping November 2024

**ALL ABOUT PRE-ORDERS please note**

These items are available to pre-order and the arrival date is an estimation from the manufacturer.

Collection:  AM Loves HUE

Designed by Anna Maria Horner

SKU: PWAH126.Juicy

Supplier: Freespirit

Material: 100% Cotton

Weight: Regular Quilting weight

AM loves HUE is an ode to color and a joyous departure from my typical printed collection. The fabrics provide quilters and sewists with fun and diverse stripes, color blocks, and large graphic-style prints that are fun to use as whole pieces or cut up in interesting ways. Especially useful for the quilter are the color block designs, which are set up like quarter-yard cuts and fat sixteenths! I also brought back a couple of favorite large-scale prints, Belonging and Cartwheels, which have slightly cheater aspects to them for patchwork and appliqué. AM loves HUE packs a punch and provides all of my go-to colors that will work beautifully with all of my collections.